Do you punch on at punk shows? Cliff Notes Podcast 003

Have you copped an elbow in the pit? Or a foot to the face from an overexcited crowdsurfer? What about a wandering hand? This week on the cliff notes we talk Show Violence and Lad-itudes.

From the ever-pervasise shoey to the your over enthusiastic stage-diver, punk shows have long been bastions of aggressive behaviour. But as we move to increase diversity in our lineups and our audiences, is this behaviour becoming a thing of the past? Where do we draw the line between having a good time and ruining someone elses night?

We’ll also be rocking out to new tunes from all around Australia with Siberian Hell Sounds, Pagan and Two For Flinching!

Listen on soundcloud:…

Tonights playlist:

Two For Flinching – Super…

Pagan – III. Luigi Cherubini…

Siberian Hell Sounds – Svengali

If you like the tunes support the artists!


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