Lets Play Firewatch #7 – Crouching Lookout Hidden Raccoon

Its the final episode of our full playthrough of Campo Santos walking simulator Firewatch! Cliff and Bailey are back on the couch to provide commentary! This episode we finally get to the bottom of every mystery in the game and bravely defend ourselves from a ravenous raccoon hell bent on eating our face.

Set in the beautiful shoshone in Yellowstone National park, Wyoming, Firewatch follows the story of Henry as he escapes the real world (and his real problems) for the simple life as a park lookout. But nothing is as it seems in these woods, and we work to unravel the mysteries of the shoshone.

New episodes coming as quick as australian internet will let us upload them. Make sure you hit like and subscribe to get them as soon as they come out. And leave us a comment to let us know if youve ever had to put up with a raccoon – we dont get them here in australia and we wanna hear your stories!


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