What does Trump mean for punk? – Cliff Notes Podcast 006

What does Trump mean for punk? America has just elected possibly the worst candidate ever – a devisive dorito-faced demagogue who likes building walls, scuttling hotels and grabbing women by the pussy.

Trump is not alone however – with Brexit in the UK and Malcom Turnbull here in Aus backing up the resurgence of the alt-right and white nationalism. In other words – it’s time for political punk to make a comeback and be the soundtrack for positive change all around the globe!

In this episode we take a look back at our favourite bands from the last time the US, UK and AUS all had right wing governments, and the sudden surge of political, revolution-focused punk with Rock Against Bush. We also talk about the drive to move from personal problems to politics in songwriting, where this can go wrong (looking at you, flight facilities), and how to start looking past the little differences to build a bigger community that is capable of standing against the rising tide of the alt-right.

Tonights Playlist

Crash and the Crapenters – Pray to Your Own God

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