4LC Weekly Punk Playlist

It’s 2017 and it’s time to resurrect this ol blog of mine! Easing back into the muddy waters of music journalism with a new feature – the 4LC weekly punk* playlist! Every week I’ll take 10 (ish) tunes from bands around Australia and add them to a triple j unearthed playlist, as well as provide a short review to each track. Simple yeh? Let’s get to it!

Click here for the full playlist on triple j unearthed!.

The Way We Were – Tic-Tac-Toe
(Brisbane, heavy pop punk)
Fast and furiously positive, upbeat in tempo and outlook. mad guitar licks and an infectious melody with drums that will pound on your heart like punk rock CPR.

Puzzles – Picture Frames
(Sydney, sounds like the Decline)
Let down by the production quality a little, but this song hits all the classic punk beats. It’s an eager little tune that searches for the silver lining in the inevitable.

Paper Thin – Hotel Spencer
(Newcaslte, emo folk punk)
Your body may hate you but it can’t hate this tune. Tasty rhymes that break into earnest growls showcase the emotional centre of this track, dancing around a carefree naivety of a person that maybe cares a little too much.

Not To Regret – Watch You Die
(Sunshine Coast, hardcore punk, rancid/pennywise esque)
Buckle up and make sure your seats are in the upright position, because this song is about to take off. From 1-100 in heartbeat, this so-cal esque belter would feel right at home on the THPS soundtrack.

The Skategoats – Theres something about Mary Jane
(Mount Gambier, bouncy pop punk with all the trimmings)
Huge track that’ll leave a huge smile on your face, even if its about how much you love drugs and hate adulting. Wall to wall perfected pop punk.

As A Rival – Obsolete
(Melbourne, tech punk with big melodies)
If bullet hell was a music genre, as a rival would be its flagship. This song will have you ducking and weaving between bass lines and snare hits like you’re being chased through a cornfield by a spitfire, only to be tumbled over by combine chorus carving crisp rows right through the centre of it all.

Mitch Jones – Bad Thoughts
(Perth, folk punk acoustic)
Warm and buttery tones form the centre peice of these acoustic punk ballad. It wont convert you to the genre, but if you’re a fan of feelings and punk progressions, you’ll be a fan of this.

Luke Seymoup – Mosquitoes
(Melbourne, posi emo punk)
Feeling like Smith St has become a bit too gentrified and it’s time to move to the new up-and-coming poor suburb? Say hello to Luke Seymoup. More fun that dogs in a paddle pool, it’s a get-up-and-go track. Not much of a hook, but sometimes its better when the fish want to play with you.

Split Feed – Move Out, Settle Down

(Newcastle, smith st esque pop punk)
I don’t think these guys know how long a score is, but they certainly know how to write a modern pop punk banger. Musically there’s a heavy american influence, but the charming strayan vocals keeps it from feeling derivative.

Glass Wave – Discomposure
(Perth, lofi pop grunge)
Like Violent Soho and arguing with your mates about the obscure influences? Of course you do. Discompsure brings in some chilled shoegaze overlays to the classic grunge fuzz, forgoing heavier rhythms for more churning chord progressions. It’s the long-walks-on-the-beach of lo-fi pop grunge.

See yall next week!


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